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Gym Facilities

Not only do we have a main gym area including cardio equipment, resistance machines and free weights, we also have a specialised weight area including cable cross over, heavy duty leg press, power benches, olympic bars, squat rack and dumb bells ranging from 10kg - 60kg.

Sauna and Steamroom

Why not round off your workout by chilling out in our wet area? Relax and unwind in the dry heat of our sauna, or, if you prefer a wet heat, try our steamroom.. even better still, why not try both? Whatever you choose, we’re sure you will enjoy the experience.


“As members of the Sunbed Association,

we are committed to making sure you

get a safe, natural looking tan”.




Bodystat is a non-invasive device, which measures the impedance value of the body providing quick and effective analysis of body composition. Whole Body analysis, rather than partial body analysis of arms or legs only, is measured for greater accuracy. It works by passing a safe battery generated signal through the body and measuring the bioelectrical impedance at a fixed frequency of 50 kHz. Once the test has been performed a complete body composition analysis is displayed on the LCD screen within three seconds comprising Body Fat, Lean Body Mass, Total Body Water and optimal ranges. Metabolic rates, BMI and Waist/Hip Ratio are also displayed on the LCD screen. This Bodystat® device measures/calculates Body Fat Percentage and Fat Weight* Lean Mass Percentage and Lean Mass * Total Weight Body Water Percentage and Total Body Water* Plus Normal Levels Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)* BMR/Body Weight Average Daily Calorie Requirement* Body Mass Index - Plus Normal Range Waist/Hip Ratio *NEW* Impedance Values at 50kHz * Estimated This costs £5 and can be booked at reception. The best time for your Bodystat to be done is first thing in the morning before your caffine intake and big healthy breakfast.
Tel: 01324 876192  E-mail: info@thetonezone.org.uk