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Getting to know your Experts 1. What was your career aspirations when you were at school? Lynn:  To be a jockey but grew too tall. Ross: To be a champion in bodybuilding. Angela VB: To be a hairdresser. Donnie:  To be a world champion at any sport and represent my country in a sport, which I did. Wendy: Hairdresser at primary school and then a PE teacher at secondary school. 2. What poster did you have on your bedroom wall? Lynn: Madonna and Boy George. Ross: Bruce Lee. Angela VB:  Donnie Osmond. Donnie:  Raquel Welch in her fur bikini in '1 million years b.c.' Wendy:  Bros and New Kids on the Block 3. Describe your ideal Saturday night Lynn:  Saturday night food night with a glass of red or three. Ross:  favourite thai restaurant and a bottle of suiraz Angela VB:  watching a movie with a nice bottle of wine and some nibbles Donnie:  a nice meal somewhere with a few drinks afterwards. Wendy:  having a few drinks and a dance or watching a band. 4. What's your favourite holiday destination and why? Lynn:  Bali because I loved the people and the food but Mexico comes a close second. Ross:  Bali, the people, the food and the culture. Angela VB: Las Vegas - I love the atmosphere, people and the shopping most of all. Donnie:  San Francisco, the people are really laid back and friendly.  Nice restaurants and a great atmosphere. Wendy:  Florida - there's so much to do but you can also do the beaches too. 5. Tell us your TV guilty pleasure: Lynn:  Come Dine With Me. Ross:  Hells Kitchen Angela VB:  CSI Donnie:  Old Black and White movies Wendy:  The Bachelor 6. If you could change your career now what would you do? Lynn:  Nail Technician but also a personal trainer Ross:  Photographer Angela VB:  Midwife Donnie:  A hit man Wendy:  would love to work with Lions and Tigers 7. What's your most embarrassing moment: Lynn:  taking a guy for an induction with his tackle hanging out his shorts. Ross:  asking a girl when she was due here baby - she wasn't pregnant. Angela VB:  Ross telling me about Donnie having to get glasses and not to laugh as they were like the bottles of milk bottles.  I did laugh (very much).  They kept me going for weeks until they told me they were pulling my leg. Donnie:  in a hotel in Dublin I left my room in my underpants to nip outside to get ice.  Couldn't remember what door I had come out of so had to go to the hotel reception in my underpants to ask what hotel room I was in. Wendy:  was in a pub with a group a people and someone came in and joined us and put their bag on the floor.  I got up to go to the bar, fell over it and landed flat on my face.